Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Review: Christmas at Harrington's

***Now that Halloween is over, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It's Christmas week at YABookNerd***

Lena hasn't had an easy life. Just released from prison, she sets out to a new town in search of a new life. She meets a kind woman on the bus. They share a meal and a little bit about their lives.

As the bus pulls into New Haven, they go their separate ways after an invitation for Lena to join Moira at church. Lena heads towards her new home - a rough looking boarding house. There Lena meets a single mother and her child. Immediately, she befriends them.

She helps the mother find a job and watches the little girl. She meets Moira for church, bringing the little girl. As Jemima blossoms, Lena's heart begins to thaw.

Moira invites them over for Sunday lunch. At her home, Lena spills the secrets about her past. Moira believes in her. Before Lena and Jemima leave, Moira gives Lena some new clothes. In one bag, Moira stuffed the coat she wore on the bus. The coat makes Lena look like Mrs. Claus. It helps her find a job at Harrington's - as Mrs. Claus.

Lena loves her job and really gets into character. When her past comes back to haunt her, she's not sure she will survive this set-up. Could there be magic in the air that will ease her sorrows?

My Thoughts: It took me a chapter or two to get into the story - and then I was hooked. I loved the idea of Mrs. Claus. I loved Jemima, and Sally, Moira, Beth, Cassidy, and Lena. A heartwarming read that made me sigh with happiness.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect!

Challenge: a personal goal to read 10 Christmas Books this year

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justbyjo said...


I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading all the book reviews - you've given me some good ideas on what to read next!

I absolutely love Melody Carlson although I've mostly only read her YA books. My absolute favorite is Finding Alice which (if you haven't read it) is about a girl with schizophrenia. It is very powerful and I would highly suggest it.

Anyways, thanks for posting all these reviews - I can't wait to read more!