Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: Up Over Down Under

Eliza's dad works for the EPA in Washington D.C.. He's a highly respected position, which means Eliza's behavior plays a factor in his profile. As a result, she's been the perfect daughter, but when an opportunity arises for an exchange program, she's thrilled to be on her own down under. Billie, on the other hand, can't wait to become involved with the political aspect of saving the environment. She's taken a hands-on approach in the past, but now she can actually make a difference. Both girls couldn't be happier about the exchange, but things don't turn out as planned. Eliza gets herself into hot water break the rules for a boy while Billie grows frustrated with the time it takes to make anything happen in the political world. Before she knows it, she's headed for trouble. Will the time in different countries change the girls' outlook on life and jeopardize their place in the hosting home?

Up Over Down Under is part of the S.A.S.S. series (which I Love), but this is even better as it's a bonus book - two stories in one and it doesn't disappoint. I love the exploring new countries, new friendships, new families, and new boys. I loved how the stories intertwined because it deepened the story.

*book provided by authors at the ALA Midwinter Tweet up*

Where I got it signed and met Noah Harland who was really nice. Then we chatted a bit on twitter after the event where he mentioned that this is his first book and that he mostly wrote Eliza's adventure while Micol Ostow (author of the first S.A.S.S. book Westminster Abby and Crush Du Jour - awesome books btw) wrote Billie's story.

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Bookworm said...

I am DYING to read this one! Like you, I am a huge S.A.S.S. fan, and the double-feature is especially attractive to me! Can't wait! (: