Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Displays for the month

Just in time for the Percy Jackson movie - a mythology display.

The focal point of the display - Percy Jackson and Oh My Gods

I bought Percy Jackson bookmarks that say
The Greatest Heroes are Readers
and the back, there's a booklist of our fictional mythology books:

Avalon High

Book of Three

Nobody’s Princess

Oh My Gods

Percy Jackson series

Radiant Darkness


Sea Trolls

Secrets of Nicholas Flamel


Sisters of Isis series

Sword of the Rightful King


Water Mirror

Why I Ley My Hair Grow Out

The other bookmarks are from Tera Lynn Childs for her second book, Goddess Boot Camp
they have: Are you Goddess enough? as a tagline. (charming!)
plus, Tera sent me these awesome buttons.
I confess that I swiped some for myself and the teens are gobbling up the rest of them.

plus, I was really lucky as Oh My Gods was just returned that day for the picture. It's hard to keep this series on the shelf :)

A small display for the the awesome Great Scavenger Hunt contest hosted by Kay Cassidy.

I should have take this picture a few weeks ago as there as a large display before the mythology one. By the time I thought of it, most of the books were all checked out.

a wall display of the Great Scavenger Hunt

a blurry picture of my wall valentine display - the hearts say funny library things like Books Rock and Love your Library.


Kay Cassidy said...

I love these displays!!! I want to steal your pics and put them on the Librarian Resources page. In exchange for... Hunt bookmarks?

Email re: trade is coming your way. :-)

Sarah said...

Looks fantastic! Woohoo!

Jessica said...

Nice Greek Mythology display!!

Lisa Marie Miles said...

Looks great!

Bookworm said...

Loved the display--great job!