Monday, February 8, 2010

Review: Bad Blood

Sunny's having boyfriend issues or vampire issues or really both since her boyfriend is the leader of the vampire coven. While she's his human girlfriend, the council feels he needs a blood mate to help him with the political side of his life. Enter Jane: a recent graduate from Oxford, political science of course, and a Rhodes scholar. Sunny can't complete with her brains, but why does she dress so trashy? Sunny questions her legitimacy and starts snooping. When Jane can't answer the simplest questions, Sunny knows that something's not right. When she takes her thoughts to Magnus, he dismisses her ideas as jealously. With the blood ritual only days away and in Los Vegas, Sunny's determined to uncover proof and stop the union. Will she uncover the proof she needs without loosing her life or her boyfriend?

A great addition to the series and talk about cliff hanger endings. OMG. When is the next book coming out? I enjoyed reading more about the family and look forward to see that storyline develop. I really enjoyed Stormy. Also I like how Sunny stood up to her boyfriend. If you haven't read this series, go back to BOYS THAT BITE first, check out the trailer here

: First I'm so happy that we're treated to more in this series

Cover: I do like the edgy new covers, I think they are very eye catching.

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Jessica said...

The new cover style reminds me of both the "Vampire Academy" series and the "House of Night" series. Wonder if they are following the trend to bring more teen readers into the series?