Friday, January 30, 2009

Goddess Boot Camp

Pheobe’s having problems controlling her magical powers. Often, what she’s thinking transforms in her every day life. The gods aren’t happy. She’s scared they’ll kill her on the spot (after what happened with her father). Damian enrolled her in Goddess Boot Camp, before heading on his honeymoon. He forgot to tell her the average age of the campers before he left. Now, Pheobe’s desperately trying to keep her powers under control in front of a bunch of 10-year-olds.
She’s also worried about passing a test from the Gods, a possible cheating boyfriend, and her snarky stepsister.

The addition of Pheobe’s powers to the story adds humor as she struggles to control them. The sequel to OH. MY. GODS. continues it’s delightful magical mythological tale. I was LUCKY enough to score an advance copy of this book in a contest (it doesn't come out until June). I love this series. It's so unique.

And if you love this series as much as I do, add the facebook flair I made to give these books a shout out.

Head over the Tera's blog because she's having a super contest (and you might win a copy of the book!)

You can also take a quiz to find out your Goddess personality

Here's Mine:

Aphrodite : Like the goddess of love and beauty, you appreciate pretty things--and you make sure you're a pretty thing yourself. You like guys to shower you with objects of their affection, but materialism isn't your guiding cause. You're a dreamer, in love with love, and searching every day for your perfect guy. Even if you have to search every last one of them to find him.


stephhale said...

Great review! I can't wait for this sequel. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have gotten an advanced copy of this! I loved Oh.My.Gods.!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Ooh sounds like fun. I really enjoyed the first book. Just took the quiz too and I got Artemis.