Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times: Nathan Fox worked in the Globe Theater, where he was spotted. It wasn't for his acting talents, but instead for a much more dangerous job. He's asked to enlist in Sir Francis Walsingham's spy army. Once Nathan understands the risks involved, he's more than willing to sign up. However, there's the little matter of schooling. Even though he's athletic, he still needs to learn how to defend himself, decipher codes, and deal with sticky situations. When he's ready, he will become the servant of John Pearce (a master spy.) Together they will travel to Venice in a diplomatic mission. Venice will only aid England, if they help Venice with a military invasion. In Venice Nathan meets the legendary solider Othello. Othello takes a liking to Nathan and includes him in Venice's plan. Here lies real danger: Othello makes John Pearce his second in command and not all of his troops rejoice. Othello unknowingly makes enemies that set out to bring him down. Can Nathan stop the vicious plans or must he keep silent and do what's best for England?

An exciting tale that blends in Shakespeare's famous play with events that could change the future of England. A fabulous first novel in the series that will leave readers wanting more.

At Face Value: Cyrie knows that she's not beautiful. How can she be with a nose like hers? She's planning on having surgery the minute she turns 18 to decrease it's size, but in the meantime she's got to learn to live with it. The rest of her life isn't so bad, until she best friend admits that she's crushing over the same guy that Cyrie likes. Leyla's gorgeous, but she has a hard time talking to guys. So the two of them hatch this plan where Cyrie will edit Leyla's emails - just for grammer not content. But loving Rox from afar makes Cyrie jealous. How can he not know who's writing the emails? Between all the time they spend together during the day and the emails at night, Cyrie's not sure she can handle this relationship anymore - but she doesn't know that Leyla just might be feeling the same way. Will Cyrie loose everything?

A tale that shows inner beauty shining through and the true meaning of friendship.

Suite Dreams: Alyssa and her boyfriend have decided to take a break over their winter break. Rick decides to go to Australia while Alyssa plans on taking classes and working. She doesn't plan on finding a boy outside her dorm waiting for her. Jude expects a couch in Rick's suite as payment for the couch he's lending her ex-boyfriend in Australia. Rick never mentioned Jude and when Alyssa discovers his suite is filled, she takes it upon herself to let him stay with her (against the rules). She finds herself becoming Jude's tour guide. Because she and Rick left things open, she doesn't know where she stands relationshipwise, but she does know that the though of Jude with another girl makes her downright jealous.

A sweet love story that's sure to please.

A Veiled Deception: Maddie comes home to help with her baby sister's wedding. Ever since her mom died, she's become a mother to Sherry. Taking a break from her fashion designing job, she realizes that she might be on the verge of leaving New York City and moving back home to Mystic Falls. She might be just in time too. On the eve of her return, there's an engagement party for her sister. Her groom's mother is trying to take over the weeding and an ex-girlfriend tries to prove she still has control over the groom. When the ex-girlfriend turns up dead with a veil tied tightly around her neck - all fingers point towards Sherry. Maddie knows her sister isn't a murderer and sets out to prove her innocence. Soon Maddie starts to unravel all kinds of family secrets from the groom's side - and someone doesn't want them revealed. Can she clear her sister's name and save the wedding?

A adult mystery that takes the cake with family drama and romance wrapped up with mystery.

I Know It's Over: Sasha changed Nick's summer plans and before long she changed his life. He wasn't the same guy: flirting with girls and playing hockey with his best friends. Nick started wanting more. He wanted more of his girlfriend, but he was content to let her choose the course of their relationship. They had their ups and downs and then it ended. Nick was heartbroken. A few weeks later, Sasha stops by his house to drop the bomb. She's pregnant. Now Nick doesn't know what to do. She doesn't seem to want him around. He can't tell his mother. He can't seem to do anything, but think about Sasha and how desperately he wants her back. But he knows nothing will ever be the same again....

This book shocked me - because I judged the book by it's cover. I'd heard good things about this book from blogs and also from someone in the library. So I checked out. I wasn't expecting the story to be from Nick's perspective. I think it worked mainly because it was unique. There are other tales of teen pregnancy, but most are from the girl's point of view or reflect negatively against the male in the story. Here, the situation was reversed. Neither partner came out looking good, but each made a significant impact.

Parties and Potions: Rachel loves having magic. When Miri meets a new friend on Mywitchbook.com, they learn there are teen witches all over the country. They host a magical coming out party which Miri can't wait to attend. Before they come out as witches and join the magical society, they need to take magic lessons. With juggling her boyfriend, school, and her home life Rachel isn't sure that she has time for magical lessons. But she can't say no to her sister. Soon she's learning more about magic, but she's also attending parties on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, lying to her boyfriend, and sneaking out of her Dad's house. Sooner or later, all this lying will have to stop. But are the sisters ready for their secret to be revealed?

I'm glad the sisters came back for another book. I do hope that this series continues: it's so magically fun and surprise. I'm always wondering what scrapes Rachel will get into next.

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