Saturday, December 27, 2008

Forever Princess

Forever Princess ends the fairy tale story of New York City girl Mia Thermopolis discovering her true identity. Mia hasn't been writing in her journals for roughly two years as she's been working on her senior project. She lies to everyone, making her project sound incredibly boring, when really she's been writing a romance novel. She's spent the last two years dating J.P., not talking to Lily, and worrying about the rest of her life. Now, she has many life choices to make, including where to go to college. But instead of telling everyone the truth about: her senior project, her acceptance letters to colleges, and her feelings, she's lying to everyone. Mia's trying to understand herself before sharing the news with the rest of the world, but with deadlines looming and senior year coming to a close, she's almost running out of time. Can she figure things out in a royal fashion?

It's the perfect ending to the modern fairy tale that has captured so many hearts.

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