Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Movies

Fred Claus wishes that his baby brother had never been born. It's hard living up to your parent's expectations when you're brother is Santa Claus. But when Fred needs money, he asks his brother for help. Instead of out right giving him the money, Nicholas makes his brother earn it at the North Pole. What he doesn't tell his brother is his company's in danger of termination. The North Pole must make their end of the year deadlines on line with out issues or this is the last year of operations. Fred has no knowledge of this and some of his actions create problems.

I thought this movie was pretty funny and loved Vince Vaughn.

The whole family comes together during the holidays - and almost each with a secret. One's hiding his promising musical talent because of his father and brother's behavior. Two sisters argue over the paths of their lives, with one sister sticking her nose into the other's marriage. A long lost brother comes home but it's clear he doesn't want to be home. One brother's hiding a secret wife and job troubles. With all the secrets comes drama drama drama mixed with humor and a heart warming ending.

It's really a funny movie, showing all the sides of siblings together under one roof. And yes, Chris Brown sings (twice)

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