Friday, December 19, 2008

Dark Whispers: Book 3 in the Unicorn Chronicles

The land of the unicorns,Luster, is in danger. Their ultimate enemy, Beloved now holds a key to entering their world. The unicorns know that time is precious while they wait for the blood moon to enter the sky and Beloved to enter their world. There's rumor of a greater threat, one behind Beloved, who's secret lies in their ancient history. But when they look in the books, it's clear pages are missing. Thinking that this story might be useful in their upcoming battle, Cara's grandmother, the Queen of the Unicorns, sends Cara, three unicorns, and the keeper of the stories to the Valley of the Centaurs to gather this tale. They need to move quickly and quietly across the land. But they do not make it there without detection. Delvers track them and in a battle, take Cara as prisoner leaving the others behind. Cara doesn't know what they want with her, but she suspects, they want the amulet she wears, the amulet that allows her to cross back into Earth. Will she allow them to take it or will she fight back, even though she's alone?

I Love this series and this book is no exception. There's drama, action, betrayal, and friendship found in these stories. I was a little disappointed because I thought this series was a trilogy, but it is not. I'm hoping the wait to the next one isn't too long. because the cliff hanger at the end is HUGE.

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