Friday, March 16, 2018

Review: Magic Murder and What We Wore

Murder, Magic, and What We WoreAnnis's father just died, leaving her with little money. She and her aunt must make their own way in society. Before she even thinks about becoming a governess, she dreams of opening up her own dress shop. But Annis has plenty of questions about her father's death.

Why was he traveling alone on such a dark night? Why was his truck headed in the opposite direction? Did his death have something to do with him being a spy? Annis needs those questions answered and she's not above going directly to the source to uncover the truth.

There's someone who doesn't want the truth to come out and he's willing to do almost anything to prevent it.
My Thoughts: It took me a while to get into the book, but then I was hooked. I loved the action and the danger. I loved the double life Annis led and of  course the problems that created. I loved the spy thoughts and how that changed over the course of the story. This historical fantasy (set in 1818) was fun - lots of action and danger plus lots of fashion and society. It's the best of both worlds. Add in a dash of magic and it's a winning combination. 

Cover Thoughts: Gets the dress right, but not the danger element
Source: Book sent for review

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