Saturday, March 10, 2018

Review: Love Songs and Other Lies

Love Songs & Other Lies
Virginia Miller's heart has been broken, but two years later, she's on the mend. She's excited to tour with her best friend's band in a reality TV show with a dream internship centered on PR. But her dream becomes a nightmare when she discovered the boy who broke her heart is also on the bus. Her summer implodes when the internship isn't real. Instead Vee becomes a groupie for the band, helping them with their social media pages and their website. It's still fun, but it's not the summer she had imagined. Plus in order to stay on the bus, she allows herself to be named as her BFF's girlfriend. Now she's struggling with her feelings for her ex. He's acting like he wants her back, but can she trust him?
My Thoughts: I loved this book. I loved the dual perspectives and the dual time periods. I loved seeing Cam and Vee get together and then unravel what went so desperately wrong. I liked trying to puzzle together Cam's past and how that changed him. I loved the song writing moments. I loved the band moments. I love how the book ended - it was fantastic. A seriously great debut; I can't wait to read what Jessica Pennington comes up with next!

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: I won an ARC on Twitter
Date Released: April 24th

Library Recommendation: It's perfect for this year's summer reading theme. Grab this one for your public library and watch it fly off the shelf.

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