Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Unfriendly Competition

When the headmistress of Canterwood Crest calls Sasha, Julia, Alison, and Heather into her office, they have no idea why they're signaled out. They soon discover the hp address for the blog is coming from one of their dorm rooms.

If one of them doesn't come forward with the truth about writing the blog - they will all be expelled within the week.

Sasha's dumbfounded. She can't believe one of the trio is writing the blog, especially when the blog writes up a nasty post about her talking with Eric. She's trying to not to focus on the blog and enjoy things.

She's loving her time with Jacob, getting along with the trio, enjoying her new roommate, attempting to heal the friendship with Paige, and doing her best with riding.

My Thoughts: The end of the series featuring Sasha. As usual, I loved the book. However, I didn't feel like the title/summary meshed well with the book. There's not much discussion of the new girl until the end of the book. While I hate saying goodbye to Sasha, I'm curious to see where Lauren will take Canterwood Crest. Plus I feel like we're leaving Sasha in a great place right now.

Cover Thoughts: I love the covers of this series - they're beautiful and eye catching and just perfect.

Source: My Library.

Up Next: Sasha passes the torch to Lauren - coming in May

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Harmony said...

I absolutely ADORE this series. Unfortunately, I've only read to book...3? I definitely need to pick up the next few!