Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movie Review: Salt

I watched this as a teen program at the library...

Someone walks into the CIA claiming to be a Russian spy. He's adamant about defecting and wants to talk with someone. He tells the story of a Russian agency that raises children to become spies and places them in idealized situations to wait for instructions that will one day come. He says that one of these sleeper spies will assassinate the Russian president and her name...Evelyn Salt. Salt is the woman interrogating the defector. After a series of events, she immediately becomes suspected of being a mole. Is she...or isn't she.

************spoilers ahead*************

My Thoughts: I sort of liked it. It had so much potential, but it was so unrealistic and the plot was full of holes.

1. I didn't understand why she went after the President. Was she going to kill him? What was the reasoning for going along with the plan? I can rationalize it somewhat - but not really.

2. There was a snapshot where it looked as though her husband was actually a mark, but it didn't play out. We were never told the whole story.

3. Unrealistic scenes: mainly the escape scenes - especially within the police car and it just doesn't add up to a plausible movie.

I don't mind movies that are far-fetched, but only if that's their thing. I think movie was more serious - a more Sentinel type movie. It could have been a great movie if only the plot was tighter and thus there could have been a sequel.

* Is there something I missed? *


Anonymous said...

I didn't really like this film, either. My favorite part was the whole Mangelina Jolie. =)

Amy said...

Okay, was it just me or did the film just simply END with absolutely no resolution? My boyfriend and I were completely stumped.