Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Things: Fantasy Books

I'm an avid fantasy reader. I'm going to attempt to keep my list down to my 10 favorite reads but I AM going to cheat a bit and use series. Otherwise it would be a very boring list.

1. Song of Ice and Fire (starting with Game of the Thrones) - possibly the BEST books I've ever read - great characters, lots of plot twists, lots of double crossings

2. Harry Potter: An amazing series that sparked a world to read again!

and now in random order:

3. Chronicles of Prydain: great cast of characters, epic quest, funny, charming, lots of action and danger, romance, and it's based on Welsh folklore

4. Graceling: I love the main character for her strength and courage.

5. Eon: Another awesome female character that defies a nation

6. Dealing with Dragons: I love the twist on the Princess story

7. Artemis Fowl: awesome characters, smart nerdy boy, fairy world, technology, and word wars make for a great series

8. Sweep: Addicting read, not only for the witchy powers but also for the relationships within the story

9. Song of the Lioness: I love the boldness, determination, and loyalty. I love that Alanna takes her brother's place as a knight and keeps her identity hidden.

10. Percy Jackson: I love the blend of the modern world with mythology, the action, the danger, and modernized Gods and Goddesses

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Jessica said...

I love Alanna...officially my favorite book ever. So Glad to see it made your list!!