Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: In Your Room

Molly and Charlie both have plans for the summer - until they learn their parents arranged for a house swap.

Now, Molly will be in Colorado and Charlie will be heading for L.A.

Molly's mom remarried. Together, the three of them will be in Colorado. Molly feels like the third wheel and picks up a job to get out of the way. Soon, she's immersed in new ideas for the used clothing store and generating more customers. She loves her job and uses the experience as inspiration for her own work.

Charlie doesn't know what to do with himself. He loves the outdoors and trail riding, but L.A. isn't the ideal location for him. When he meets Molly's friend, she provides him with a source of entertainment.

Charlie and Molly begin to email - it's slow at first and about random items dealing with each other's room. Soon the emails begin to lengthen as they divulge personal information. Could they be falling in love over email?

My Thoughts: I really loved this debut tale. It sucked me in and I never looked back. I loved the sweet romance. I loved the emails between Charlie and Molly. I loved how they trusted each other and their friendship evolved. I enjoyed the different perspectives - especially Molly's fashion bits. I loved how she begin to trust Charlie as he guided her on adventures. I can't wait to read Fraiberg's next book.

Cover Thoughts: Cute. I think it stands out a bit.

Source: My Library

Fun Fact: Meet Molly and Charlie

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Jessica said...

This actually sounds really cute! Gonna have to pick it up at some point.