Thursday, July 9, 2009

the Awakening

(Sequel to The Summoning which includes *Spoilers* for that book)

Chloe's still devastated by her aunt's involvement with the Edison Group. She's now stuck in a new house where things are supposed to improve. She's supposed be learning how to control her power, but she's not willing to give up too much information. She doesn't tell anyone that she can talk to Liz's ghost. Meanwhile Derek and Simon are still at large and the group desperately wants to capture them. They try pumping Chloe for information, but she's not budging. Finally after many threats, she weakens and says she might be able to remember something if she can look for it. But underneath she just wants to escape. Between a truce with Tori - who offers her help, the two of them elude the guards the group sent with them to the factory. With Liz's help, they remain out of sight until they meet up with the boys. Together they come up with a plan escape to find someone the brothers know and trust. Unfortunately, they have little money and can't risk Chloe's face being recognized. With difficult circumstances, they split up. Each group will meet at the house, where hopefully, they'll find the answers they've been looking for.

The cover of the first one drew my eye, but the story sucked me in. Now questions of the supernatural powers keep rising. Derek almost changes into a werewolf and Chloe keeps raising the dead - sometimes in her sleep. They have so many questions they need answered before they can learn to live in peace and they might not be able to live normal lives in society. But they're ready to try. The love triangle between the characters creates great tension. I know who I want Chloe to end up with. With book 3 not scheduled to come out until May 2010, it's going to be a long wait....

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