Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beyond the Grave

Amy and Dan have once again been double crossed by family members,but now they're on their way to Egypt in search of the next clue. They're looking for a statue that may or may not have already been discovered. When running from Irina, they run into someone who knows about them. They quickly realize that he's the grandson of their grandmother's best friend. The siblings have been questioning the reasoning behind the search. They've escaped death numerous times, double crossings, and back stabbings - surely their grandmother didn't have this in mind when she wrote her will. At Hilary's home, Grace's best friend, gives the siblings presents Grace left in her care. With their confidence restored, the siblings are more determined than ever to see this mission through. Have they been duped once again to trusting the wrong people?

The quest continues and each day presents new multiple dangers. Amy and Dan must lean on each other and their smarts to keep themselves both alive and still in the game. The 4th book in the series doesn't let up with the fast paced action and the series just keeps on getting more and more addicting.

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Kristen said...

I have this one on my shelf at home. I'm totally loving this series. You can't really tell different authors wrote them - or at least I can't. What a cool concept though.. grabbing multiple authors to write a series.