Monday, July 6, 2009

So Not Happening

Bella's getting the shock of the life when her mother agrees to remarry. She's marrying Jake - a mid-western man with two boys of his own. Therefore forcing Bella to move from her socialite life in New York City to a small town farm. She loses her boyfriend, her awesome friends, fabulous stores, and her father in one fell swoop. Soon she's also losing her credit cards. While life is horrible - its about to get so much worse. Usually a super popular girl - Bella has written about the people of new home town on her blog from her old school. People are buzzing about her harsh worlds and massive unhappiness. She's soon the town pariah. She'll do almost anything to bulk up her popularity skills - even dig through the school dumpsters looking for a story. While digging through trash, she overhears something that triggers her curiosity. Is there some kind of initiation going on with the football team - causing accidents and deaths in this small town. Bella vows to investigate and figure it out. Is she taking her redemption too far?

The first of a new series takes a socialite and plunks her down in a small town making her miserable - but ultimately allowing her to discover more about herself in the long run. What ever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Bella is funny, a bit shallow, but she has a kind heart. Plus she's very determined. A fun start to a brand new series.

The second book will be out November 3rd


Lauren said...

Sounds cute, but really I can't get over the fact that the author's name is Jenny B Jones. So close to Junie B Jones!

Bookworm said...

LOVE these covers! I think I'll check this series out. They sound like light and funny summer reads!