Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nadya works in the kitchen for a tavern in the cold of Russia She doesn't remember anything from her past, but one day two men enter the tavern for lunch. They take one look at her and think she's perfect for their scam. They plan to take a girl and turn her into the Grand Duchess Anastasia, who's rumor to still be alive after the Russian Revolution. Her grandmother would give anything to have her back - and the men are out for the reward. Together they approach her and make her an offer - not telling her about the reward. Instead they confide that they're private detectives and she might belong to a family. Nadya longs to belong somewhere and with little hesitation, follows them. They make the journey to Germany, where they run across an old friend from the Russian aristocracy. He has no doubt of Nadya's true identity once he sees her dressed in the part. In fact, he's so convinced that he holds a ball in her honor announcing her to his other Russian friends. When the empress hears of this night, she sends a car for Anastasia from Paris. Now, Nadya must learn the truth about her family, if she really is royalty. She's scared to learn the truth and even more angry when she discovers her friends have lied to her. Will she ever find a family and a place to call home?

Anastasia stories intrigue me. The secret of the diamonds is both fascinating and an ingenious idea. I love the heart warming scenes between the empress and Nadya. The cover is gorgeous and it's a perfect tale for those wanting a romantic historical novel.

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