Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glass Maker's Daughter

Risa's been waiting for this day here whole life - the day when she finds out which god will choose her for their school. A huge celebration is planned for Risa and her brother, but when the gods determine that Risa isn't a chosen one, her day is ruined and quite possibly her life. Never before has there been someone from the seven and thirty families not chosen for the schools.
She spends her time hiding away in her family's glass shop where she makes her own unique items. There's unrest going on in the capital with the royal family. The King is dying and his son is trying to take over the throne but tradition states that the families of the seven and thirty must unanimously give their consent to the next ruler.
When her parents are escorted to the castle and never return, she suspects something's amiss. When a note arrives from her mother using a secret code, she learns that her parents are being held hostage by the Prince. Without her family, the magic performed each night in thanks for the day can not be performed. Without the magic, the houses will fall one by one. Can Risa perform the magic and save her house or will the kidnapping of her parents mean the end for her family?

Vance Briceland writes a stunning novel of art (the creation of glass objects), magic and the ancient traditional foundations of Risa's town, and the feel of Venice in the Renaissance Era. His descriptions will transport you into a new world. Risa comes alive through friendships, blossoming romance, and her determination.

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Lauren said...

I read about this book a bit ago - I'm really interested in checking it out!