Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kate has her summer all planned out - hanging out with her BFF and playing tennis. But she doesn't count on her mother dragging her across the country to visit her college friends and to get away from her husband. Kate knows that her parents have their marital issues - but why does she have to be pulled into their fight. At first she's seriously annoyed at her mother. They have to stay in the guest cottage - which is actually a garage. Kate has to share the one room with her mother who won't stop talking, which is a problem because Kate and her mother have never been close. Tina has a daughter the same age as Kate and the two moms force the girls to hang out. Kate feels more and more like an outsider with Sarah and her friends as Sarah's making it perfectly clear that she doesn't want to hang out with Kate. Slowly Kate begins chatting with her friends and finding her own groove. Celebrating the 4th of July, Kate has a romantic moment that changes her summer. Adam is everything a girl could want in a first boyfriend. Kate's finally happy being in Cape Cod , but in just a few days her world comes crashing down. Will it be a summer to remember or a summer to forget?

Melissa Kantor pens a sweet summer novel filled with romance, family drama, friendships, and finding yourself. The cover is cute and eye-catching. Check it out if you're looking for something fabulously fun.

On a side note, she's also the author of
which I just adored. While I was at a book signing last week for Sarah Dessen, I overheard some girls talking about this book. I didn't join in, but I wanted to.
It's a super fun cover, plus that title is to DIE FOR!

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