Friday, June 21, 2024

Cozy Review: Chain of Pearls


* First book in a new series * 

The last thing she wants is to dig up the past…

When the body of a celebrated journalist is fished from the Edgartown Harbor, the official report rules his death accidental. But why was he alone on a senator’s yacht during a nor’easter? That’s only the first question London-based lawyer Kyra Gibson has when she arrives on the idyllic island of Martha’s Vineyard to settle her estranged father’s affairs.

She’s not looking for closure. She’s not seen him in decades since he left her with her aunt following her mother’s death. But as Kyra delves deeper into her father’s life, she learns he had many regrets and wasn’t as retired as she believed. The more Kyra discovers, the more questions she has. With the help of world-weary detective, Tarek Collins, they uncover a web of intrigue and corruption involving a powerful senator, a dubious energy company, and brutal murder.

As they chase down clues, Kyra and Tarek flirt with danger and race against time to solve the murders and uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath Martha’s Vineyard’s picturesque façade of old money wealth and privilege. - Summary from the publisher

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this start of a new series. I've visited Martha's Vineyard before, I've heard of a few places. I really liked Kyra's neighbors - Grace and Charlie. I enjoyed Krya and how she started finding a home on the island. I enjoyed the dynamics of the islanders and the outsiders. I felt bad that Kyra and her father never got the chance to reconnect. I'm looking forward to the next book from this debut author. 

Cover Thoughts: This is a cozy story, but it has the cover of a thriller

Source: Book sent for a blog tour

Library Recommendation: A great book for your public library

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