Friday, May 10, 2024

Library Joy


Last week, I met Mychal the super librarian who spoke about library joy.

And it got me thinking of early library memories.

When I was five, we lived in a different place for a year. I remember getting my library card there, tickled that my last name was the name of the library. It was no relation to me, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

I also remember loving this one book and taking it out over and over again. I have no recollection of the book itself. I think it might have been sad. I just remember how important I felt having the same last name. 

I'll be sharing more of these stories over the next few weeks, but what is your earliest library memory? 

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Test said...

I wasn't allowed to get a card at the Kent Free Library until I could write my own name. I must have been four. Remember sitting for hours practicing, then being so pleased to get my own card and check out a Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka book!