Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Picture Book Wednesday: Outdoor Books

It's not quite fall, so here are a few outdoor picture books - perfect for never year's summer reading theme. 

All about skunks - complete with warning signs when a skunk is about to spray you and lots of nature facts.

How the famous garden park in New York City came to be - from empty tracks to the bustling garden and entertainment area it is today. I loved the ideas that people had for the tracks. A fascinating read - complete with ideas on how to further help the environment. 

A great science book about how trees grow so tall! 

The story of how one tree planted in the middle of the city changed the entire block. A beautiful book which takes the reader through the seasons and how the neighborhood and the tree changes. I love the diversity in this book. The illustrations are adorable and easy to pour over.

Tim wants to hang out with his Dad, but his Dad has to work. Tim finds his father's old nature journals in the attic, which inspires their time together the next day. 

A list of so many activities to do together outside - ranging from games to exploring. There are great pictures and adorably bright illustrations. This is a beautiful book that's sure to spark fun and creativity. 

* Not a picture book

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