Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Picture Book Wednesday Hispanic Heritage Books

A couple books sent for review for Hispanic Heritage Month

Every Saturday Carina visits her Tia Mimi. Together they cook empanadas. But this week, Tia Mimi is helping out at the food center. She leaves a note for Carina to get all the ingredients and they will make empanadas together. 

Careful - this book just might make you hungry! It's all about community, family, food, and helping others. 

Martina likes quiet and her aunts are anything but quiet. She wishes to escape them - and finds herself in another world. There she finds a friend - just like her.

The author's note shares that this book is based on a Caribbean folktale "La Cucaracha Martina." Everyone needs a break sometimes and everyone needs someone to laugh at their stories too. Martina finds the best of both worlds. 

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