Thursday, January 16, 2020

Feminist Read: Michigan Vs The Boys

Michigan vs. the Boys

When the girl's school hockey team is cut due to lack of funding, Michigan isn't sure what to do. She's busted her butt for years.  She doesn't want to stop playing but she's not sure about any other options. Even though the high school cut the team, Michigan's still hopes to play in college. But when a crazy idea occurs to her - to try out for the boy's team - she goes for it.

And she makes it.

But she never thought about what would happen after she made it.
She never thought about the coach's sexist behavior. She never thought about the harassment and pranks her fellow teammates would play on her. And she never imagined she's be the star of the team.

But what happens when everything becomes so much worse than she imagined? At what point should Michigan speak up?
My Thoughts: I loved this book but it also made me seethe with anger. I Hated the boys on the hockey team. I hated the coach. I wanted justice and revenge so very badly. My heart broke for Michigan and all that she went through. The ending was nicely done. I loved the idea of the girl's hockey team with friends supporting each other. I enjoyed Michigan's relationship with Jack. I really loved Trent (her brother) and their relationship. I loved Meghan and how she looked up to Michigan. I couldn't put this book down, I Had to find out what happened and if those boys would get what they deserved. I want another book about Michigan STAT! 

And this is a debut. I'm excited to see Carrie S. Allen writes next.

Cover Thoughts: Awesome
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: A must have book for school and public libraries.

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