Sunday, January 12, 2020

Book Spot Light: Augur of Shadows

Title: Augur of Shadows
Author: Jacob Rundle
Series: The Destined Series 

About the Book: 

Grief-stricken seventeen-year-old Henri moves to New York City after he loses his father. He starts having vivid dreams that tell of things to come, and his visions lead him to meet a wise young man, Siméon, and to reconnect with an old friend, Etlina. 

Henri and his friends, Siméon and Etlina, venture on adventures required to fulfill their intertwined destinies in order to bring forth a cataclysmic event to aid against the Primordial Evil. 

With the guidance from otherworldly beings, Henri and his friends will do what is needed to ensure their success.  

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