Thursday, February 22, 2018

Review: Every Dog Has His Day

Every Dog Has His Day (Bluff Point, #3)
* Book 3 in the Bluff Point series *
Zach's been single since he had his heart broken years ago. He's not looking for anything serious - ever. But two girls knock on his door to rescue their kitten and his whole world changes.  Their kitten's stuck on his roof. Of course, he agrees to help him. He doesn't realize that their mother is Jessie - the woman who yelled at him last week and whom he can't stopping thinking about. After he meets the girls, there's no going back. They all become friends; the more time Zach spends with them, the more he loses his heart to them - and their mother.

Chaos is a fitting name for the kitten.  Jessie's trying to hold everything together as a single mother. Her ex did a number on her. She's not willing to let go of her independence. But when she witnesses Zach with her girls, things shift a little. After a blizzard cements their bond, Jessie realizes she wouldn't mind seeing more of Zach either - and not just because he's good with her girls.

Could the bachelor really be wanting to settle down? And would Jessie let him into their lives permanently?
My Thoughts: I find the cupcake series delicious, the library series charming and the hat series lovely - but this series by Jenn McKinley is my favorite. Once I start these books, I can't put them down; they're addicting. I love the large group of friends and seeing them again. I loved Gracie and Maddie - they were adorable, sassy, and mischievous. They really did steal the book. Their moments with Zach were precious.  Chaos and Rufus were also charming. I loved the moments between Jessie and Zach. I enjoyed Jessie and her time with her new women friends. The blizzard might have been my favorite part of the book - very cozy. Another magical read in this series and I'm so happy there are more books planned!

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Get this series for your public libraries

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Unknown said...

I am currently reading her book Death in the Stacks, which I am enjoying immensely-so I definitely want to read this series of hers as well!!