Saturday, June 3, 2017

Review: Letters to the Lost

Juliet and her mother exchanged letters while her mother was away photographing the news. Now, even though she died months ago, Juliet can't break the habit. She leaves the letters on her mother's grave. She's angry and curious when someone writes back to her.

Before long, she's started a correspondence with this person. She learns quickly that he lost someone too - and the guilt he feels weighs on him. Another connection, as Juliet feels guilty about her mother's death.

Juliet and Declan share their inner most feelings with each other, realizing that they are the same age. They don't share identities, but unbeknownst to them they do interact in real life. Their interactions with each other couldn't be more opposite than their conversations through letters. When the truth comes out, will their relationship fizzle?
My Thoughts: I couldn't stop reading this book! I loved the duel perspectives, the letters back and forth, and their interactions at school. I love how they both death with death and how they both felt guilty about their roles, but also how they helped each other overcome their grief. I felt terrible for both of them as their stories unfolded. I enjoyed Juliet's father. I loved Rev and his family. And Declan's boss at the graveyard -  I love how their relationship unfolded. I enjoyed Declan giving his classmates something different to see in him when they had already made up their minds about him because of his criminal record. I loved the photography aspect of it. And of course the hopeful ending and that slow burn.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable. I love it - understanding it better after reading the book.
Source: Book sent for review
Library Recommendation: Perfect for school and public libraries!

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