Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Victoria Rebels

Queen Victoria ruled for years, but before she made it to the throne, she was forced to deal with her family. Through a journal she reflects on the horrible relationship she has with her mother who tries over and over again to manipulate Victoria.

Her mother doesn't approve of the King's family and doesn't want her daughter around them.Victoria and her mother fight. While still under age, Victoria must go along with her mother's demands. Still, she's formed her own opinions and she's ready to take control over her future. 

Victoria tries to surround herself with people she can trust, but gradually, they seem to disappear. She keeps her emotions in check as best she can, writing them down in her journal. As she matures, her determination becomes stronger. As next in line to the throne, she watches and waits for her moment. When it comes, she's ready.

My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I read it on the plane home from the YA Lit Symposium, where I had the good fortune to meet the author.  I hated Victoria's mother, she might win the worst parent award in books I've read this year. She was crafty, manipulative, egotistical, and a social climber. She never put her daughter first. The fights between them were outrageous. However, she was a wonderful character - the type the reader loves to hate.
My heart went out to Victoria who had to deal with so many obstacles in her young life. She's strong, determined, and stubborn. Sometimes her stubbornness was unwarranted and sometimes she was able to take a step back and see that. Other times she dug her heels in. At times I sympathized with her and at times I wanted to yell at her. The complexity of her character made me want to read more and uncover more of her story.

Pet Peeve: In the beginning, I found it hard to determine Victoria's age. After doing a little math, I figured it out. It distracted me from the book for a few minutes as I flipped back and forth trying to figure out her age in the early chapters.

 Cover Thoughts: Attractive
Source: YA Lit Symposium
Date Published: January 1st 2013
Fun Fact: This book reminds of Young Victoria

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Jessica said...

I may have to try to read this one in the Spring. It sounds good! I love Victoria.