Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Review Thursday: Christmas with Holly

Now that's it's snowed, it's officially time to read and review holiday books! They will range from picture book to teen books to adult romances.

So I'm cheating today to talk about Christmas with Holly - based on the book which I ADORED Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.

I really enjoyed the movie, but I still think the book's better. 

What I liked: The banter between the brothers (even if they were NOT how I pictured them)
Holly was charming. And she played by twins:
Eloise Mumford as Maggie

The chemistry between Maggie and Mark

What I didn't like: It just didn't have all the magic from the book, which is hard to capture. 
I wasn't crazy about the brothers. None of them were how I pictured them.

Did you see the movie? What were your thoughts?

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