Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Sizzling Sixteen

Stephanie Plum's boss and cousin got himself into hot water with his gambling issues. He's been taken for ransom - in hopes that his wealthy father-in-law will pay up. He won't - which leaves it up to Stephanie, Lulu, and Connie to track him down and rescue him or come up with the money to spring him.

Unfortunately, Vinnie doesn't stay in one place long. As each attempt fails because someone beats the trio to the job, buildings go up in smoke. It becomes clear that it's not just about a gambling debt, but that he's also caught up in a war between a middle man and his boss.

If Vinnie goes down, so does the bond agency. Even though she doesn't like him as a person, Stephanie's ready to do what ever it takes to get Vinnie out of danger. She'll even listen to Lulu's crazy ideas that's bound to get her into real trouble.

My Thoughts: I LOVE this series. I got my hands on as soon as it came in and read it that night. There's no other series/book that makes me laugh as hard as Stephanie Plum's adventures. The humor combines with danger, mystery, and romance makes me love each and every book in the series.

Cover: I'm not crazy about the covers for these books, but I'm not sure what would work better.

Source: My library

Fun Fact: I simply can't wait for the movie version to come out! Coming out 1012


Sara said...

oh there's a movie coming out? FUN!

Jessica said...

I'm halfway through this one now and as much as I love it, Finger Lickin' Fifteen was just SOOOOOO funny that I can't help but compare them and just want a little more. It's so hard to follow up a really great book! What do you think of the casting for the movie? I'm not really sold at this point.

Anonymous said...