Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Grace Under Pressure

Grace works at Marshfield Manor as the assistant curator. She's still within her probationary period, when she's called downstairs to handle an unruly guest in the tea room. He's extraordinarily unhappy and pitches a fit. Grace and the rest of the staff don't realize at the time that this man's providing an excellent diversion.

The real action's happening upstairs in the private wing of the manor. Abe, the head curator, is murdered in a case of mistaken identity. Now, Grace decides it's up to her to take control of the manor. She starts straight away, to the dismay of some of the staff members. Her switch in roles makes the police a little suspicious of her. They took a look into her background. Frustrated with the police, Grace attempts to put the pieces together from the crime.

The manor resembles a large family, with Grace trying to work her way to being part of the family. She starts looking through old files, trying to learn more about her staff. Will she turn up old family secrets that should remain hidden?

My Thoughts: A wonderful start to a new series. (Hyzy is also the author of the amazing White House Chef mysteries.) Grace Under Pressure has a strong main character with a nose for trouble. She has two best friends, Bruce and Scott who provide comic relief. She has a potential romance with landscaper Jack Embers. All in all, it's smart, fun, and charming.

The Cover: Adorable

Source: I bought this one because I needed to read it and the library didn't own it yet

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