Friday, February 8, 2013


A blizzard is approaching New England today, I gathered all the books I have out from the library and made a fort - thanks to a suggestion on Twitter. (Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to Twitter?). I'm also addicted to the library. I check out library books for various reasons: an author I'm hoping to meet, because the book looks awesome, because  I'm addicted to the series or author already, or because someone recommended it to me.

I'm a high library user - I have been even before I started working at a one. I've been working at a library at one time for another since I was about 16.  I love finding new books to read and I love talking about them, which is why I love blogging! 

I thought I'd share my books:

Here's Cabot checking out the books. He loves smelling books and sometimes he licks then. He's not so much a fan of new books. He likes the older books -the ones who have more smells.

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