Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Post: Kelly Hashway

I really like sports books from a female perspective, especially if they have a little romance in them. So I'm happy to host Kelly today as she talks about her new series - Game Set Match!

Balancing Sports and Romance in the Plot
by Kelly Hashway

            The Game. Set. Match. Heartbreak series is about a tennis player named Meg, who finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. There’s definite romance and there’s definite sports. The key was balancing the two. It’s tennis season, so Meg is getting ready for try-outs. Her first match is also her biggest of the season because it’s against her toughest opponent. I had to focus on tennis, and luckily it highlighted a lot of Meg’s character traits. She’s driven, talented, confident in her abilities, but also insecure at times. Her actions on the tennis court reflect those things and add depth to her character.

            But this is a romance series, which means Meg’s relationship—or relationships—needed to be a focus, too. She’s been hurt in the past thanks to a terrible ex-boyfriend who humiliated her by kissing another girl in front of Meg’s locker. And her hurt carries over into her new relationship with Ash. It also carries over into her tennis game. Meg’s lost some of her confidence. So when her crush of the past two years, who also happens to play tennis, starts noticing her… Well, let’s just say things get complicated for Meg.

            The romance and tennis intertwine throughout the book, complimenting each other and highlighting Meg’s emotional battles. Even the novella titles had to reflect this double-sided story line. The first book, Love All, shows Meg’s confusion over both guys while also referring to the score at the start of a match when neither player has scored a point (Love means zero in tennis). Book two, Advantage: Heartbreak, refers to when a player has the advantage in a game, meaning they are one point from winning. It also shows that Meg is risking heartbreak. And book three, Perfect Match, shows how Meg is looking for her perfect match and it also refers to a perfect tennis match.

            I had a blast weaving sports and romance throughout the series, and I hope that even readers who don’t play tennis or other sports will enjoy it.

Don't they sound good? 

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Kelly Hashway said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today and letting me talk about balancing sports and romance. :)