Monday, February 4, 2013

Oreo Commercial: Libraries

A whisper fight - Really?

I hated this commercial when I first watched it. All my twitter friends were talking about it with mixed feelings.

Didn't see it? Here it is:

First: Libraries aren't quiet anymore
You're destroying a library in the name of humor, aren't libraries destroyed enough with budget cuts? 
My eyes were hurt by all those books flying around. 
No librarian (also - way to be stereotypical about your librarian- couldn't you have found a better cardigan than that?) would stand by and let that happen

If you wanted to bring more attention to libraries - there's a better way.


Jessica said...

I hated this commerical, too. I thought that it perpetuated bad stereotypes...but, as my husband pointed out, even if it did have negative moments, it made people think of libraries and librarians...I *suppose* that's a good thing.

Emily said...

But they WEREN'T trying to "bring more attention to libraries" - they're trying to sell cookies. If we want to bring more attention to libraries, we need to pressure ALA to make a pro-library commercial/ad campaign. Wouldn't it be awesome to see something showing people all the stuff they can do at their local library during a Super Bowl commercial?

Asterios said...

I thought it was a pretty funny commercial! I love libraries, books and reading, but I also think those who study the library sciences have a good sense of humor.

I also think the star of it has a great "leading man" quality, and I hope he goes on to bigger and better things.