Thursday, May 9, 2024

Review: Beast of Skull Rock

Book 4 in the Monsterious books 

Simon and Jade are visiting their grandfather in Maine during the summer. Their grandfather runs a curiosity museum. The tourist town is having a bit of trouble with rumors of break-ins. Simon and Jade are curious about them, but their grandfather is being strangle tight lipped. 

Simon and Jade hear strange sounds at night. But their grandfather dismisses their fears. He warns them to stay upstairs rather than wander the museum at night. Simon and Jade feel betrayed, but they are also determined to get to the bottom it this mystery.

They go searching for the creature that could be stalking the town. They camp out in the museum. Nothing they do seems to change anything. The break-ins are getting worse. Can they solve the mystery?
My Thoughts: I really enjoy these books, even though I'm not a scary stories person. The books aren't connect except in the idea of spooky and monsters. I loved Simon and Jade - how they were determined to figure out the puzzle. I loved the moments in the bookstore. I enjoyed going through the museum. The ending was great. I do hope there are more of these books on the way. 

Cover Thoughts: Fantastic
Source: My Library
Library Recommendations: Highly recommended for you school and public libraries! 

Honored to have been in the acknowledgements! 

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