Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Picture Book Wednesday: Christmas Book Reviews

I love this time of year - reading Christmas picture books. 
Here are some new to me books this year:

A cross between We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Goldilocks and the Three Bears - this book is great. I love how the fairy tale rescue rangers came together. I love how they used each other's strengths to solve the problem. A very happily ever after here! 

A young girl shares how to decorate a Christmas tree. I loved this book - it's sweet and touching. I love how every ornament on her tree has a story (all the best ones do). And I love the ending! The illustrations are collages and they are magnificent. 

This is a fantastic take on the song The Twelve Days of Christmas! I love how each rhyme is just a little bit different - with the dinosaurs. I love that you can hunt for the kitten in every scene. I loved the Dad jokes. Just a perfect Christmas picture book filled with family and love. 

Two siblings are searching for a gift for their mother when they stumble upon this shop. There, in a magical shop, they cook up a book together. This was entertaining. I loved the concept of how books are created. Very clever! 

Having no idea that the Repair Shop is a UK show, I really enjoyed this book. It's about a grandmother and her granddaughter who are in need of help. A doll from the grandmother's past has seen better days. She tells the story of the doll and when Lizzy is repaired, she is gifted to the granddaughter. This is a moving story about a child in WWII away from her home and her family, who was gifted a doll and a lot of love. This is a very sweet story. 

Emma's parents are arguing about the Christmas turkey. The next morning it disappears. They try to investigate, and when that doesn't work, they try to purchase a new one. Instead, they have spaghetti for Christmas dinner and some other goodies with the help from their neighbors. I enjoyed how everyone came together in the building. These illustrations are ready to be poured over! 

Nicky Claus works with his three uncles at their toy store. One day he notices two children who come into the store to look around but don't buy anything.  When he sees them again, he follows them home. They belong to a community who are barely getting by - with no leftover money for toys. It breaks Nicky's heart, but he has a brilliant idea. He wants to give all the children in the city a new toy for Christmas. This is a sweet story about helping others, friendship, dreaming big, and community. 

At Elf School, Elroy is about to take his final elf test which will determine his job. When it's his turn to show off his skills - something goes terribly wrong and chaos ensues. This story is set to the rhyme of the Night Before Christmas. I loved the ending!

This is an interesting take on The Night Before Christmas - from the perspective of the mouse. I really liked this one - especially how Lois Ehlert played with the illustrations. Some lovely illustrations and very interestingly cut pages only add to the story. 

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