Friday, June 2, 2023

Vacation Photos (2): Alaska

Later in the trip, we had more port stops - Ketchikan, and Victoria Canada. And I was lucky enough to see libraries in most of the cities. I missed the one in Ketchikan (the online pictures are amazing)

One of the ship's seven kitchens

A mosaic in Ketchikan

A tree in the park in Ketchikan

One of the whale benches in the park - it was a small part but beautiful 

Lumberjack Show - which was hysterical. I had a sore throat from cheering so much and I cried four times with laughter. 

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay selfie


A glacier - the blues in the ice don't really pop here, but it's gorgeous.

It was a cloudy day, but beautiful. 

Leaving Glacier Bay

A Secret Garden in Victoria (not really secret but I love the idea)



Heading into Chinatown in Victoria 

One of the government buildings in Victoria

The Victoria Public Library

Back in Seattle where we catch a baseball game because we knew one of the National Anthem singers. 

All in all, a great trip! 

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