Sunday, November 3, 2019

Walt Disney World Photos (5 and 6)

My husband and I recently traveled to Disney World, I thought I'd share some fun photos of our trip. Here are some pictures from our last two days there.

Pumpkin  Scarecrow

Inside Cinderella's Castle

Jacque and Gus Gus hiding

Castle Window


Breakfast View

The Sword and the Stone - will I be the next Queen?

Mulan and I hanging out

Finally got to see the library inside Beast's Castle.
Disappointing. No real books. Barely any book cases.

Nothing like my imagination from the movie:

Cinderella's Castle at Night

Treats from Pandora world

The Grand Floridian - where we had a tea

The tea goodies

I'm so happy to be here

Mrs. Potts


The Royal Couple.

And that's it, that concludes our photos. Hope you enjoyed looking at them!

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