Saturday, March 3, 2018

Swoon Reads: Waiting

So I did a thing:

The very first piece of writing that I finished is now on Swoon Reads and people can read it.
It's not the latest project I've worked on, but I wanted to challenge myself this year. And so I did it.

There's a lot of me in this book.
There's a lot of college life in this book.
Yes, it's set where I went to college but no it's not autobiographical.

It's a novel in verse.

Here's the description:
Emily has spent her entire life waiting for something to happen. Now that she's off to college, she expects her life to completely change. Only nothing does.

Luckily, her new roommate is spunky and outgoing, the kind of person who makes things happen. Emily and Lauren become fast friends.
Emily literally runs into a boy on her first moments on campus. Later she meets him again during orientation. They start dating.

Could this be what she's waiting for?

Emily struggles to balance class, work, romance and friendship during that tumultuous first year of independence. Will Emily stop waiting and find happiness on her own terms?

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