Saturday, December 9, 2017

Puppy Update

I haven't posted a puppy update in while and the other day she was sleeping so cute in her bed. So I snapped a few pictures. She's gotten so big; she's almost as big as her brother. She's roughly 8 months and I think she's still growing. 

She's adorable when she's sleeping and crazy when she's not. She loves chewing bones.
Just a lazy morning in the sun

Nope, it's Monday, I'm not getting out of bed.

I like you so much!

Oh hi, are you talking to us?

Maybe he'll let me take it.

Just a little nibble.

How about a lick instead?

They trade bones often. And they've become quite good at stealing from each other. 

She's also the reason I haven't read as much this year. But she's certainly stolen my heart!

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