Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review: Demon's Lexicon

For as long as Nick can remember, his family has been on the run from evil beings and demons. His father died saving Nick's family so it's just Nick, his brother Alan, and his mother who hates Nick. Life sucks for Nick, but he attempts to make the best of it until his school world collides with his home life. When a brother and sister show up looking for help from strange dreams and markings that allow demon power, Nick wants them to go away. Alan, on the other hand, show sympathy and agrees to help the siblings. Nick knows that part of Alan's reasoning includes a crush on Mae. He reluctantly goes along with Alan's plan only because in trying to help them, Alan becomes marked as well. They need find a way to erase the markings. Just when the answer might be in sight, nothing goes to plan and suddenly everything is at stake. Will the brothers come out of this mess alive and still speaking to each other?

I know, I'm late reading this one as everyone talked about it months ago, but that how it goes. A dark chilling alluring tale with demons galore and a huge twist at the end of the tale. I'm interested in seeing where the next book will take us.

* picked up an ARC from publisher at a BEA *


Librarykat said...

I've heard nothing but great things about this book, and I've read the first chapter but wasn't too enthralled. I took a small break (it may have been reader burn-out that had me kind of meh at the book) and will go back to it soon. I am looking forward to loving it!

Do you want Supernatural? Cause it did give me a very Supernatural vibe, what I've read of the book that is.

Miriam said...

I've been looking at this one and wondering if I should pick it up. I've gotten so far behind, it's hard to go back to the ones I missed a few months ago. I have to say that my kids don't seem to be very excited about this one, though. I'm actually rather surprised by that.

Sarah Rees Brennan said...

I'm thrilled you liked it. :)