Monday, December 14, 2009


Three years ago, Lila made a decision that changed her life. She dumped her boyfriend, fixed her hair, and become BFFs with the most popular girl at school. Now, she's in a position that might jeopardize everything she's worked so hard to achieve over the years. Her parents are finally going out of town and she's throwing the biggest bash of the year. But everything goes wrong. First of all, her college boyfriend has a final he needs to take and can't come home for the party. Next her brother squeals to her parents. When she calls off the party, her friends asks if she wouldn't mind if the party still happened at her house. To retaliate against her third grader brother, she leaves out homework for science in plain sight that screams global warming might kill the North Pole. She never imagines that her brother and his friend would travel to the North Pole to save Santa. Now she's stuck on the road with her ex boyfriend as they try to track down their two brothers before their parents discover the truth. Will they find the boys before they kill each other?

A cute holiday romance filled with finding your true self and your real friends. I ADORE this cover plus the title's cute too.

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YALR Blogs said...

I loved this book! Great choice. :)