Saturday, November 5, 2011

Upcoming Mysteries I Can't Wait to Read

Here are some of the new mysteries I can't wait to dive into!

Killer Crullers: Suzanne's donuts are excellent. One man adores his Crullers. When he doesn't pick up his order, someone else buys them. The sale to the stranger proves a disaster to the town and Suzanne. Out January 3rd GoodReads

Drop Dead Chocolate: No details are out yet for this one. Out April 24th GoodReads

I ADORE this series, which always always makes me crave donuts! Here's my review of the first book.
Affairs of Steak: The 6th book in this amazingly fun series! Chef Olivia must pair up with her rival to solve a double murder in the White House. Here's my review for book 5 - Buffalo West Wing Out January 3rd GoodReads

Crops and Robbers: The Farmer's Market where Becca works and her sister runs, is expecting a visit from a restaurant association. Becca's excited at the prospect of having her jam in restaurants, until it's rejected. The 3rd book in this series which will be out December 6th GoodReads

Walled Flower: Katie's been mad at her late husband who sunk all their savings into Artisans Alley instead of her dream of owning a B&B. Now a young couple bought her dream. To their dismay, they find a skeleton in their new place. The 2nd in this series and this will be out February 7th GoodReads

Cookie Before Dying: Olivia and her dog stumble across the body of a man who might have been robbing another local store. The second in this series: out December 6th GoodReads

Due or Die: A murder is committed in the librarian's sleepy town in Briar Creek, Connecticut. The second in this series: out March 6th GoodReads

It Takes a Witch: Darcy discovers her witch heritage and then becomes involved in a murder investigation. The first in a new series out January 3rd. GoodReads

Clobbered by Camembert: The third in this series. Charlotte runs into an old family friend just starting a honeybee farm. Things don't go has planned and when she turns up dead, Rebecca's boyfriend is the number one suspect. Charlotte knows her assistant's boyfriend couldn't be responsible and set out to prove just that. Out January 3rd: GoodReads

Town in a Wild Moose Chase: I still need to read the 2nd in the series, because I really enjoyed the first book. The third in this series - with Candy trying to figure out the story behind the dead body found in the woods amid the swirling rumors during the town's Wild Moose festival. Out February 7th GoodReads
Scrapbook of Secrets: A debut novel.A one time reporter turned stay at home mom, Annie uses her investigating skill to dig into the death labeled a suicide, but seems suspicious. Love the scrapbooking angle. First in a new series out February 7th GoodReads

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof: Rita's taking over the cake shop in hot humid New Orleans. Looking forward to this second book in the series but I can't find any description of the book - out February 7th GoodReads
Buried in a Book: When Lila's fired from her journalist job, she accepts an internship at a literary agency. Love the premise of the debut novel out in February 7th GoodReads

The Last Word: A best selling novelist comes to town to work on his newest book. Olivia finds him strangled. The third in this series - out December 6th GoodReads

Die Job: The third in this series which involves an attempted murder at a haunted plantation. Out January 3rd GoodReads

Cocoa Conspiracy: Lady Arianna's an expert in chocolate. She must use her knowledge to track down a traitor. The second in this series. I LOVE this old fashioned cover! Out December 6th GoodReads
Explosive 18: I ADORE this series- so looking forward to the next book coming so soon!!! Comes out November 22nd GoodReads

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