Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Post: Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa's here to chat with us today.

Julie is the author of the very popular Iron Fey series. The Iron Knight just came out last month. There are several quizzes to take

Check out the book trailer:

If you think that looks good, read the first chapter here.

Julie answers some tough questions for us:

Being that the Iron Knight is written from Ash’s point of view, was it easier or harder to switch over and tell his story?

It was a little harder, initially. I knew Meghan; after three books I knew her voice and her personality and her quirks. It was difficult with Ash, because he was such a guarded character, and he never was really chatty. And because he’s lived such a long time, and is an Unseelie fey, he’s done some things in his life that might change how some people view him. It was actually kind of scary putting his story out there; what will people think now that they know the real Ash? But I wrote his story as honestly as I could, and I hope they will come to love the Winter Prince as much as I do.

For you, what was the hardest part in writing this series or writing in general?

Lately, it’s been making myself turn off the Internet and not check Tweetdeck every time I get stuck, lol! I get distracted very easily and “checking email” can turn into an hour of doing nothing but playing around online, very bad for the writing day. Sometimes I’ll unplug the modem or disconnect myself from the internet or I’d never get anything done.

Do you have a favorite line or two you could share with us from The Iron Knight?

Certainly! Here is an exchange between Ash and Puck:

Hey, ice-boy, you okay? You’ve got your brooding face on again.”
“I’m fine.” Puck lounged in the cradle of a tree, hands behind his head, one foot dangling in the air. “Lighten up already. We finally found the cat—which we should get a freaking medal for, the search for the Golden Fleece wasn’t this hard—and you look like you’re going to engage Mab in single combat first thing in the morning.
"I’m thinking. You should try it sometime.”
Ooh, witty.”

Did you always know you’d be writing a spin off series and can we expect to hear more of Meghan, Ash and Puck’s story in the future?

Actually, I was approached by my publisher when The Iron Fey series was wrapping up and asked if I had any more Iron Fey stories floating around my head. Which got me thinking of Ethan, Meghan’s little brother. He was the one who started the whole adventure, in a way. What would it be like growing up, able to see the fey? And the more I thought about it, the more I realized Ethan had a story to tell, too. As for Ash, Meghan, and Puck, I’m sure there will be a few cameos in the new series. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by Julie! Congrats on the release of the Iron Knight and the spin-off series

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