Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Over My Dead Body

With the success of their book, IB Grumpily, Olive, and Seymour are living quite happily together. They’ve promised their readers 3 more chapters before Halloween.

When IB Grumpily gives an interview, he mentions his relationships with his co-author and illustrator. Dick Tater reads the interview and believes that IB Grumpily is deranged since he claims to be in love with a ghost. He also feels that Seymour should be with his parents and not living with the author. He immediately makes plans to visit 43 Old Cemetery Road where he puts IB Grumpily in a straight jacket and Seymour to the local orphanage. He also vows to cancel Halloween and threatens to have all ghost books burned.

Will Dick Tater cancel all the Halloween festivities and could that be the end of the writing collaboration between IB Grumpily, Olive, and Seymour?

My Thoughts: The second epistolary novel in this charming series. I love the letters, photos, and newspaper articles telling the story. They make for a quick but engrossing read. I love these characters. I can’t wait to read more about their lives.

Cover Thoughts: Really cute! Love the graveyard.

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