Tuesday, August 3, 2010

T.V. - Good Guys

confession: I've been watching this show with my husband and we both LOVE it.

*I like it for the actors *
I LOVED Bradley Whitford of West Wing and I love his crazy character here.

I Love Colin Hanks - he reminds of his father. He's great at the "by the book" character who's a little nerdy, is clueless about girls. is trying to work with his crazy partner, and who is learning about letting loose.

I love the flashbacks

I love the line: "Let's go bust some punks."

I love the opening song and the opening credits

I really hope this show makes it, because it's funny, exciting, interesting, full of double crossings and action, and just a hint of romance.

Just learned - the boys will be back in September for a new season!

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Katie said...

I didn't even know this show exsisted, although I LOVE Colin Hanks. I'll have to check it out, thanks for posting this.