Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Take Two

Emma and Payton are still dealing with the fallout from their backfired plan to switch places. With detention in front of them, Emma can't believe her perfect record will be not-so-perfect.

Just as they go into detention, they get a reprieve. Instead of serving detention, Emma will tutor the guidance counselor own son - who is also a twin, while Payton must clean out the theater basement.

Emma's having a hard time with the twins as one boy's a math genius and the other hates math. They've heard the story of the Emma and Payton switch (who hasn't?) and they attempt to switch places several times. Emma has a hard time figuring the two boys out, which doesn't help matters, but she's determined to wipe her slate clean and become more AcadEmma.

Thus, she's giving up her new friends and her potential boyfriend to pursue her spot as the school's number one smarty-pants. Emma's not giving up the spot to anyone, especially Jazmine.

Meanwhile Payton can't believe she's not allowed to try out for the Wizard of Oz. She has the listen to rehearsal as she cleans. Plus Sydney's joined the play so she has to combat all the nasty comments that fly her way. Will she ever get the chance to shine center stage?

The twins deal with their separate lives but circumstances force them not to switch places, but to assume the other twin's identity - all in the name of good. Will they be caught...again?

My Thoughts: The second book in this series is cute. I love the emphasis on personal happiness as the twins struggle to find their own identities at a new school. Just a great fun tween read.

The Cover: Cute -with both sets of twins - the adorable girls and the mischievous boys.

Source: My Library

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