Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: My Little Phony (with some spoilers)

Massie and Claire are at war after Massie required the Pretty Committee to ditch their crushes and upgrade. Claire refused to give up Cam. Instead, she found a couple ninth grade girls to replace Massie and her ridiculous demands.

She's never felt more free or more like herself since her family moved to town. She's so tired of not being her true self, yet whenever she sees Massie and the other girls, she finds herself a little wistful for the old days. She's not sure she wants to go to war with Massie but after Massie starts the war, there's no way she's backing down.

Massie can't believe Claire and her new friends. She almost has too much going on her world to worry about Claire, like lip kissing an older boy and family drama. Still, she can't let Claire off for ditching the group. When she's done with Claire, there won't be any more friendship with ninth graders or anyone else.

Will the two girls ever declare a truce or will they fight til someone backs down?

My Thoughts: I really like this series.

The Covers: Love them

The Title: Awesome titles throughout the series.

Fact for Gossip Points: The next book The Tale of Two Pretties is the last book in the series - it comes out in February of next year.

Up Next: I'm super excited to read Monster High - It looks Ah-mazing!

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